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Environmental Services in Ohio & Other States Like Kentucky & Michigan

We offer hydroseeding, drill seeding, broadcast seeding, and erosion control services.

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Do you want to take your commercial property or large land to the next level? If so, look no further than our environmental services! Our team at Big Greens can satisfy your seeding needs via hydroseeding, drill seeding, and broadcast seeding. However, we also offer several erosion control solutions to keep the soil in place, such as blankets, netting, and turf reinforcement matting. From golf courses and parks to military bases and landfills - no project is too big for us to handle.

Our environmental services are available in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and other states. You can reach us at (937) 539-8163 to sign up for any of our services today!

  • Hydroseeding

    We offer a hydroseeding service, where we'll spray a slurry mix of seeds, fertilizer, and hydro-mulch over the area where you want the grass to grow. This mixture is full of nutrients that help to encourage faster seed germination and establishment, leading to new growth in no time. Our team also has the knowledge to operate our specialized equipment and perform this service successfully, plus we use top-quality fertilizers and soil amendments to produce optimal results. Additionally, we provide alternative materials we can add to our hydroseeding mix to keep it in place and prevent it from eroding.

    We offer wildflower and turf grass seed blends for our hydroseeding service.

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  • Drill Seeding

    Our drill seeding service is just what you need to plant seeds efficiently over a large area and reap quick, highly successful grass growth. This service involves using a tractor and a drill to mechanically apply seeds in uniform rows and at a consistent rate, pushing them into the soil to an ideal depth; this provides direct seed-to-soil contact, increasing the chances of successful germination and establishment. Once we finish planting them, we'll apply fertilizer to provide much-needed nutrients and bolster healthy, resilient grass growth.

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  • Broadcast Seeding

    We can quickly and efficiently spread seeds over a vast area via our broadcast seeding service. We'll mechanically scatter them across the top of the soil using heavy-duty equipment, then apply a fertilization treatment to promote faster germination and healthier grass growth.

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  • Erosion Control

    Our team offers various erosion control solutions to keep soil and sediment in place, as it can erode quickly when bare or on sloped terrain. Stopping it from eroding is highly beneficial, as it can provide ideal growing conditions for crops and seeds, giving them time to establish without the threat of the soil washing away. Some erosion control solutions we provide are as follows:

    • Erosion Control Blanket
    • Erosion Control Netting
    • Straw Wattles
    • Silt Fence
    • Turf Reinforcement Matting
    • Straw Blowing
    • Temporary Cover Crop
    • And More!

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Straw blowing service being performed in Kentucky.

Whether you need our environmental services for a golf course, park, roadside and right-of-ways, landfills, commercial development, or anything in between - our team at Big Greens can do it all. We offer hydroseeding, drill seeding, and broadcast seeding services, as well as erosion control solutions to transform your property while protecting it from natural elements. We've been providing our top-quality services for 17 years, so you can trust that you're in good hands with us.

We offer our environmental services to commercial properties and other industries in Ohio and other states, including Kentucky and Michigan. Call us today at (937) 539-8163 to sign up for any of our services!

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