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Indiana Environmental & Vegetation Management Services

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We offer professional environmental and vegetation management services in Indiana.

Our services include erosion control, drill seeding, turfgrass management, terraseeding, and more.

Indiana is a state in the Midwest with a population of approximately 6.8 million. Although known for its love of basketball, Indiana also offers booming manufacturing and agricultural industries. The most populous city here is Indianapolis, where there's never a shortage of things to do. For example, you can take your children to the Indianapolis Zoo, one of the city's various museums, or even watch the Indianapolis Colts play at Lucas Oil Stadium.

At Big Greens, we proudly offer professional environmental and vegetation management services to commercial property owners in Indiana. Whether you need drill seeding, turfgrass management, terraseeding, erosion control, or any of our other services, you can trust that our team will satisfy all your seeding needs and maintain the vegetation on your property.

Our Environmental Services

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Our team can tackle your seeding needs and control erosion on your property through our various environmental services. We offer several erosion control solutions to hold soil and sediment in place, such as blankets, netting, turf reinforcement matting, straw blowing, and more.

Meanwhile, we can perform drill seeding, which consists of mechanically applying seeds across a large area using a tractor and a drill. We will plant them in uniform rows at a specified rate, pushing them into the soil to an ideal depth to encourage direct seed-to-soil contact. That way, they have better chances of successful germination and establishment. We also offer a hydroseeding service, where we'll spray a slurry mix of seed, fertilizer, and hydromulch across where you want the grass to grow; this nutrient-rich mixture will give the seeds everything they need to become healthy, green grass in no time. Our broadcast seeding service is highly beneficial for vast properties and land in Indiana, as it involves mechanically spreading the seeds atop the soil. Our environmental services are as follows:

Our Vegetation Management Services

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Our vegetation management services are just what you need to keep vegetation growth on your property under control. Our team uses specialized equipment to manage large, open spaces of turfgrass. We can also apply a powerful herbicide to kill all vegetation in a specific area, such as fence lines, ditches, banks, utility substations, and more. Our land clearing and mulching service consists of clearing trees, shrubs, and undergrowth from your property and mulching the debris down.

If you own a solar farm and want to maintain the vegetation so that it doesn't hinder the solar panels' access to sunlight, look no further than our solar farm vegetation management service! We can also control the vegetation on your landfill to keep it functional. We provide a roadside/right-of-way management service in Indiana, which includes ROW mowing, weed whipping, trash control, herbicide applications, and erosion control. We offer the following vegetation management services:

Our environmental and vegetation management services are available to school districts, parks and recreation departments, municipalities, airports, and other entities.

Call us to schedule any of our environmental and vegetation management services.

At Big Greens, we offer environmental and vegetation management services in Indiana, including erosion control, hydroseeding, solar farm vegetation management, and much more. We've been providing our top-quality services since 2006, so you can trust that you're in good hands with us. Call (937) 539-8163 to schedule any of our services today.

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