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Field being serviced for erosion control in Michigan.

Michigan Environmental, Blower Truck & Vegetation Management Services

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Our environmental, blower truck, and vegetation management services are available to properties in Michigan.

From seeding, erosion control, and material placement services to keeping your vegetation under control, we can handle it all.

The state of Michigan is located in the upper Midwestern US and is known for its stunning scenery. Often called the Mitten State, Michigan's interesting mitten shape comes from the stunning shorelines of the Great Lakes of Superior, Huron, Erie, and Michigan. Michigan is also known as the home of the American auto industry. Museums like the Henry Ford Museum and the Automotive Hall of Fame are great places to visit in this state if you want to see iconic vintage automobiles.

Here at Big Greens, we've been providing environmental, blower truck, and vegetation management services to commercial properties in Michigan since 2006. We can handle all your seeding, erosion control, and material placement needs. Give us a call at (937) 539-8163 to schedule any of our services.

Our Environmental Services Include Seeding Methods & Erosion Control

Worker hydroseeding landscape in Michigan.

Whether you need professional seeding services or reliable erosion control solutions, we can help. We offer the following environmental services:

  • Erosion Control: We help prevent soil erosion on your property in Michigan through erosion control solutions like silt fences, straw wattles, straw blowing, turf reinforcement matting, and more.
  • Hydroseeding: We'll spray a slurry mix of seed, fertilizer, and wood fiber to grow grass in your desired area while preventing the soil from eroding.
  • Drill Seeding: This service is an efficient seeding method as it involves pushing the seeds into the soil for excellent seed-to-soil contact.
  • Broadcast Seeding: If you have a vast property in Michigan that you want to add grass to, this service is perfect for you. We have the right equipment to scatter grass seeds over a large land area.

We can use native grass seeds or wildflowers seeds for our drill seeding service.

Our Blower Truck Services

Terraseeding being serviced by professionals in Michigan.

If you need help distributing materials like mulch, straw, and soil on your property, take advantage of our blower truck services, which include:

  • Green Roofs: We use our blower trucks to spread the soil or seed mix on top of your building to help you achieve your green roof.
  • Root Barriers: This service involves blowing mulch or soil over the top of the roots of your plants to protect them from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Drainage Aggregates: We'll supply aggregate rocks to your retaining walls or large flower beds to improve drainage.
  • Lightweight Soil Media: Our team uses blower trucks to apply lightweight soil on your roof as it is lighter than heavy clay.
  • Terraseeding: We'll use our blower trucks to blow a mix of soil, seed, and fertilizer on your property to help you fill in thin spots on your turf or grow an entire lawn.
  • Filter Sock: Using our blower trucks, we'll fill up filter socks with mulch or compost and install them on your property in Michigan to control erosion.

Keep the vegetation on your property well-maintained with our vegetation management services.

Vegetation management is challenging, especially for large properties. Don't fret! We can keep the vegetation on your property in Michigan under control with these vegetation management services:

  • Turfgrass Management: We offer a large selection of services to help keep your turfgrass under control.
  • Non-selective Weed Control: We will apply herbicides to kill almost all vegetation in your desired area.
  • Land Clearing & Mulching: Our team can clear vegetation and undergrowth on ditches, roadside right-of-ways, stormwater ponds, and more.
  • Solar Farm Vegetation Management: We'll mow overgrown grass on your solar farm to ensure your solar panels remain unobstructed.
  • Landfill Vegetation Management: We'll cut down any overgrown vegetation at your landfill to keep it functional.
  • Right-of-Way Management: Our right-of-way services include roadside mowing, weed whipping, trash control, herbicide application, and erosion control.
  • Ground Preparation: We have the right equipment to loosen your soil and provide an ideal environment for seed germination so your land is prepped and ready for your next seeding project.

Call us today to sign up for our environmental, blower truck, and vegetation management services.

Here at Big Greens, we provide efficient and reliable solutions for landscapers, commercial contractors, landfills, solar farms, wind farms, and other industries. If you're looking for environmental, blower truck, and vegetation management services for your property in Michigan, we're the best team to call. With 17 years of experience, you can rely on us to have the skills, training, and expertise to deliver unparalleled results. Call us today at (937) 539-8163 to sign up for any of our services.

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