We don’t make excuses. we produce results.

Our specialized equipment, quality materials, and expert crews guarantee optimum results and compliance with government regulations for all your seeding, erosion, and material placement projects.

Ground Prep


Whether you’re a 1,000-acre solar project, a landfill seeking seasonal cover, or a homeowner looking for a professional lawn installation, we provide all the ground prep to make your project a success.

Often forgotten, ground prep is a critical step in the reclamation process and the fact we do it, sets us apart as an industry leader. Proper preparation leads to successful germination and erosion control. Our specialized tools loosen the soil, relieving compaction and leaving a seed bed perfect for instant germination.



We provide hydroseeding for commercial and residential customers throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan.

Hydroseeding is a planting process that involves a mixture of seed, fertilizer, wood fiber mulch, and water sprayed over prepared soil. This method can withstand drought and high-wind conditions, which makes it less demanding in terms of watering. To maintain the seed and soil, a special tackifying agent is added, which helps prevent erosion.

This method produces grass sooner than with a traditional dry seed installation.
Our fleet of Hydroseeder trucks provides efficient hydroseeding for your landscape.



Our erosion control solutions outperform straw blankets, straw matting, silt fence, and other traditional erosion control methods.

Using compost offers natural erosion control and protection, adds organic matter directly to the soil, offers superior water infiltration, and increases aeration in any soil type. We use the best technology and environmentally safe products to bring your land back to a more natural, healthy state.

Straw Mulch

When budgets are tight and traditional methods are preferred, we can provide blown mulch cover on your projects. A proven method for decades, straw mulch allows contractors working with tight budgets to achieve erosion protection.

Flexible Growth Mediums (FGM)

FGMs are a spray-on alternative to the erosion control blanket. Rainfall simulation tests show FGMs to be the strongest and most effective hydraulically applied solution due to its ability to seal off soil from rainfall and concentrated flows. A Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) offers you the greatest assurance of success, especially when site conditions are extreme and design safety is critical.  

 It’s the ideal choice for erosion control that demands functional longevity. Use FGM for dormant seeding, long-term protection projects needing extended erosion control benefits.  

Filter Sock

Compost filter socks are used for sediment control, slope protection, stream bank and shoreline stabilization, and vegetated retaining walls. Tired of trenching in silt fence? Try our filter socks on for size! 



Our Express Blower Trucks provide material delivery and installation for erosion control, green roof projects, construction, landscapes, playgrounds, and agricultural areas.

Our fleet delivers and installs large quantities of mulch in less time converting an otherwise labor intensive, costly job into a lower cost, less intensive job. Using advanced technology, the trucks ease the hassle of using wheelbarrows and don’t damage your landscape. The trucks also make accessing difficult-to-reach areas easier with the capacity to blow material more than 500 feet from the truck.


Playground safety is one of our top priorities. Most play yard injuries are due to inadequate surfaces that don’t buffer kids’ falls. Our Certified Playground Safety mulch not only provides a great looking, cost-effective surface for any playground area, but it eliminates mud and provides a safe, soft option to help prevent injuries from falls and harmful impact. Our Express Blower® trucks quickly and efficiently install playground mulch to renovate and revitalize the surface with ease meaning more time for kids to play!


Installing aggregates with Express Blower Trucks eliminates the need to dump, wheelbarrow, and shovel. Instead, aggregate is efficiently blown into place through a hose and placed exactly where required—no leftover piles or cleanup. Application areas include retaining walls and ditch backfill, Green Roof Media Rooftop terraces, trails and walkways, basements and crawl spaces, indoor and outdoor gardens, and environmentally sensitive areas.


This exclusive process allows the calibrated injection of seed, fertilizer, and other granular additives directly into growing media such as soils, compost, or mulches. It’s excellent for new turf establishment as well as for providing erosion control.  

Terraseeding has many benefits: 

  • Planted and Protected – Seeds are planted into the soil. Traditional seeding leaves grass or vegetation seeds on top of the soil, exposed and unprotected. 
  • Customized Solution – Seed and growing medium mixtures can be customized to incorporate a wide variety of grasses, wildflowers, or native plants as well as fertilizers and tackifiers. 
  • Increased Germination – This is due to the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil. 
  • Increased Efficiency – The Terraseeding process can quickly seed large and complex areas of land. 
  • Smooth Finish – The seed and soil mixture is “blown in,” leveling the rough grade and filling thin or patchy areas. The layer of topsoil applied will drain well promoting vegetative growth and preventing erosion. 

There are many ways to incorporate Terraseeding into your projects:  

  • Erosion Control Applications: Erosion Control Blankets are the perfect solution for steep embankments or slopes going into water sources like ponds or channels, or by trafficked areas like roadways and parks. The “blanket” interlocks with the soil beneath it improving the soil structure, absorbing rainfall energy, and slowing water runoff velocity. When the application of an Erosion Control Blanket is combined with the Terraseeding process, erosion is prevented, and permanent vegetation is established. 
  • New Lawn Installation: Most lawns can be installed in a few hours, but Terraseeding allows for faster initial growth and stronger soil structure. 
  • Existing Lawn and Athletic Field Turf Topdressing: Quickly level existing lawns and athletic fields with a topdressing that improves soil quality and promotes healthy plant growth. 
  • Temporary Construction Seeding: Temporary seeding is a soil stabilization practice involving the establishment of temporary vegetative cover to reduce erosion on construction sites that have disturbed areas that are temporarily idle—where no soil disturbing activities occur on that portion of the site for 14 or more consecutive days.