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Hydroseeding in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, & Nearby States

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Hydroseeding Service in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan & Other States

Our top-quality mixes lead to successful seed germination and excellent grass.

Hydroseeding is a seeding method wherein a mixture of seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water is sprayed over the soil to promote grass growth. Our team at Big Greens is equipped with specialized equipment to perform this service, ensure successful seed germination, and produce excellent grass on your property. Our hydroseeding service fulfills many purposes, like temporary erosion control, dirt suppression, landfill turf enhancement, and permanent grass seeding. We offer different types of hydroseeding slurry mixes that are all packed with high-quality seeds, fertilizer, and mulch to yield the best results.

Our hydroseeding service is perfect for parks, golf courses, oil and gas environments, airports, military bases, and other landscapes and projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and other states.

Our Hydroseeding Service Fulfills Various Purposes

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Our hydroseeding service involves spraying a slurry mix of seed, mulch, and fertilizer to turn the bare soil on your property into lush grass. Stocked with specialized equipment, we can seed steep, rocky slopes that are otherwise inaccessible with standard equipment. This seeding method offers temporary erosion control because the slurry seed mix includes a special tackifying agent that binds all of its components to protect the seeds from erosion and high-wind conditions. If you're looking for a permanent grass seeding option, our hydroseeding service delivers that as well.

Spraying the seed blend material also provides effective dust suppression, which means the material helps prevent dust from blowing away on your property. Additionally, you can take advantage of our hydroseeding service if you're looking for a landfill turf enhancement. For landfills, our hydroseeding mix also contains soil amendments and lime to improve the soil on your landfill and ensure the grass seeds grow successfully.

Our hydroseeding service provides erosion protection for natural gas pipelines where the soil is barren and rocky.

What types of mixes do we use to hydroseed your property?

Professionals hydroseeding landscape for a business in Michigan.

Here at Big Greens, we use top-quality seed mixes for our hydroseeding service. We use reliable mixes that deliver the best results for your property. Check out the types of mixes we offer below:

  • Flexible Growth Medium: This mix can withstand a lot of rain and water and adheres to the soil very well.
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix: The bonded fiber matrix mix includes wood and mulch compost, which features a stronger hold and protects the seeds better.
  • Wildflowers: This hydroseeding mix infuses wildflowers into the seed mix to give you a variety of growth on your property.
  • Turf Grass: This type of hydroseeding mix will give you the classic lawn-type look on your property.

Our hydroseeding service is ideal for different landscapes and projects.

Our hydroseeding service is the ideal seeding choice for large properties that want to grow grass on vast land and on steep slopes with soil erosion issues. Different landscapes and projects that can take advantage of our hydroseeding service include:

  • Parks
  • Industrial parks
  • Golf courses
  • Oil and gas environments
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial developments
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Housing developments
  • Roadsides and right-of-ways
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Power transmission stations

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Our team at Big Greens provides a top-of-the-line hydroseeding service for commercial properties in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and nearby states. We are committed to providing services that meet the needs of our clients and delivering results that will exceed your expectations. Since 2006, that's what we have done and what we will continue to do when we work on your property. If you want an effective seeding solution, choose our hydroseeding service. Call us today at (937) 539-8163 to sign up!

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